Reality is often much stranger than fiction. No matter what sort of weird ailment you can conjure in your mind, there is a real-life disease even weirder. Some of these medical oddities will completely blow your mind. In the following gallery you will see some of the stranger medical cases that we have ever seen.


Myrtle Corbin was born a dipygus, meaning that she had two pelvises side by side. She would become a hit of the sideshow circuit throughout her life.


Yes, people can have horns. This woman has grown what is called a cutaneous horn, a growth of keratin, the same material found in fingernails.


This woman suffers from Proteus syndrome, which causes extreme growth in one half of the body, in both the bones and through tumors.


This is a 31-year-old woman. Seriously. She suffers from a rare thyroid condition that stopped her growth during infancy.


This woman had her feet bound at a very young age. The practice was popular in China for centuries, as it was considered desirable for women to have tiny feet.


A hormone imbalance is responsible for this woman's gargantuan sized arms.


This man suffers from Leontiasis ossea, a disease that causes the extreme growth of facial and cranial bones.


Being born with six fingers or six toes is more common than you might think. Former major league reliever Antonio Alfonseca famously had this ailment. No word as to whether that improved his fastball or not.


This man is a dentist's worst nightmare. His mouth became like this after being an infection as a child.