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Medical Oddities

You have to see these crazy deformations!

Stranger Than Fiction

Defects can be inherited, they can be caused by medications, or they can purely be an accident. What's more terrifying, some of these defects may not even present themselves until later in life, sometimes even as late as 40! Imagine: you're just going about your life for 40 years and then out of nowhere you develop some abnormality!

Some of these medical oddities are crazier than I could come up with in my imagination. Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. No matter what sort of weird ailment you can conjure in your mind, there is a real-life disease even weirder. Some of these medical oddities will completely blow your mind.

Check out some of the strangest medical cases known to man.

boy with extra legs

Source: YouTube @My Shocking Story

Source: YouTube @My Shocking Story