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Meet a Woman Born Without a Vagina

This Condition Affects 1 in Every 4,500 Girls

Although everyone may think they're one in a million, we often take for granted being normal, especially when it comes to our health. For Kaylee Moats, a 22-year-old Northern Arizona University graduate, being normal was all she ever dreamed of. On the outside, Moats may appear to be just another beautiful and happy college graduate, however, she is far from ordinary. Moats was born with a rare condition known as MRKH, which left her without a cervix, uterus, or vaginal opening. Yet, instead of letting her condition keep her down, she's not giving up hope that she will one day have corrective surgery. Take a look at her inspiring story and learn more about the condition that affects 1 in 4,500 girls world wide.

Photo via Instagram