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Meet Gianluca Vacchi: The Tattooed Silver Fox Who Will Snatch Your Girl

This Tattooed DILF is a DJ and an Italian Millionaire

If we asked our female readers to close their eyes and envision their perfect man, what do you think that they'd come up with? We're guessing this mystery man would be in good shape, heavily tattooed, and have a pretty fabulous lifestyle. Well, it's time that we introduced you to the man who is as close to the ideal as humanly possible, although we're not totally convinced that he is a human being. Meet Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian millionaire, and stone cold silver fox. This tattooed entrepreneur is very easy on the eyes and he's recently split from his supermodel girlfriends—meaning he is single and ready to mingle. Learn more about this inked up playboy and take a moment to appreciate how incredible Vacchi looks for his age.

Photo via Instagram