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Meet Leo DiCaprio's Tattooed Doppelganger

Konrad Annerud has it all. The 21-year-old from Sweden is a model, a musician, a bartender and a damn fine skateboarder. Oh, and did we mention that he looks exactly like Leonardo DeCaprio but with tattoos?

Imagine an alternate universe where Jack Dawson (DiCaprio's character in Titanic) sinks to the bottom of the ocean, becomes encased in ice, floats to Sweden and then thaws revealing a perfectly preserved version of himself. That's pretty much what is going on with Annerud. Except he's added to his look by getting more than a few tattoos. We're especially fond of the straight razor inked on to his ribs.

Of course, while there are definite upsides to looking like an international superstar Annerud told Swedish website Nyheter that there are some drawbacks. The main one being that he gets more than a little irritated being called Leo all of the time, and often when he is abroad he finds people asking to take pictures darn near constantly.

That being said, it's clear from his Instagram that Annerud certain loves attention. And we definitely love that there is a time-preserved version of Leo out there rocking some ink. Check out Annerud in the gallery below and let us know what you think.