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Meet Your New Ink Master: Jason Clay Dunn

Ink Master Rivals, the most successful Ink Master season to date, came to an end this week with a final live showdown. During the live season finale in New York City, Dave Navarro let fan favorite Jason Clay Dunn know that this time around, he does have what it takes to be Ink Master. The three finalists, Erik Siuda, Cleen Rock One, and Jason Clay Dunn, all revealed their 35-hour master canvases live for the first time. Erik Siuda and Cleen Rock One had both been challenged to take on photo realism, while Jason Clay Dunn was given New School. Round one of deliberations found that Erik Siuda's work was just not up to par with the challenge, as the piece was more conceptual than photo realistic. In the end, judge Oliver Peck put his vote for Jason Clay Dunn for having masterfully taken on the challenge of New School, whereas judge Chris Nunez opted for Cleen Rock One, who's work was more illustrative than photo realistic but delivered solid, consistent work throughout the entire competition. When it all came down to Dave Navarro's tie breaker, Navarro sided with Peck, crowning Jason Clay Dunn the winner of the master canvas challenge and the overall title of Ink Master. Congrats Jason Clay Dunn!