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Meet the Tattooed Girl Next Door

Kaitie Rosiu, today's Inked Girl of the Day, got her first tattoos immediately after turning 18-years-old. Once she no longer needed someone else to sign for her Kaitie was in the shop eager to get some ink. The beauty from Ohio admits that she learned a couple of lessons about tattooing very quickly; she should have saved up some money and paid attention to the artist she went to. Luckily she has 19 more tattoos that she loves to death.

"Other than that all my tattoos make me happy and I love talking to people about them," Kaitie says. "I'll never regret getting tattooed and I will continued to get tattooed until I'm old and can't take the pain anymore!"

When it came time to get her full back piece Kaitie went about things the right way. She had been following an artist on Instagram from before she was even old enough to get inked and eventually was able to figure something out.

"Back when I was 16 I started following Rob Lamb on Instagram," Kaitie says. "I absolutely loved his work. We talked here and there and we became friends. I have been telling him since I was 16 that I want him to do a full back piece on me. Now, I have what I have been envisioning for four years."

As you look through her alluring photos, you will see that Kaitie has a lot of impressive work. Most of her tattoos don't have a whole lot of meaning behind them, Kaitie focuses on the love of the art more than trying to attach symbolism to the pieces.

"Tattoos just interest me and I think of myself as a canvas," Kaitie explains. "I wear makeup, change my hair color, why not get beautiful art put on my skin, ya know?"

You can see all of Kaitie's sexy pictures at her Inked Girls profile here. If you think you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day submit your portfolio here. 

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