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Meet The Tattooed Hunk That Voiced 'Hey Arnold'


It’s popular opinion that kid's cartoons are not what they used to be, with the 90’s being the last time there were truly any worth watching. A fan favorite, and my personal favorite, has always been Hey Arnold. With an awesome lineup of characters including the footballed-headed voice of reason himself, the hilarious and somewhat stalker-ish Helga Pataki and his loopy but loving grandparents, Hey Arnold was a laugh-filled show that often ended with a life lesson.

With talks of a Hey Arnold movie in the works the cartoon has taken the spotlight once again. And as if the show wasn’t cool enough,it just got a lot cooler now that we’ve seen the voice behind Arnold and his perfectly placed baseball cap.

This tattooed and bearded hunk Lane Toran was the voice of Arnold for all of season 1 and most of season 2. He may not look much like the blonde-haired boy he played, but damn does he look good!

You can see more of Lane in the drool-worthy gallery below!