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Meet Tattooed Witch Taking Over Instagram

She's an Actual Tattooed Witch Whose Curves Are Sure to Put a Love Spell on You

Stevie Nicks, Frank Llyod Wright, and Björk—what do these three celebrities have in common besides being famous? They all identify as Wiccan. Wicca is the modern day version of Paganism and it was developed during the beginning of the 20th century. Considered to be the father of Wicca, Gerald Gardner outlined the core principles, beliefs, and practices in 1954 with his book Witchcraft Today. Since then, millions have flocked to the religion because of it's duotheistic approach, concentration on the spirituality of nature, and integration of magic. Today, there are covens and solitary practitioners around the globe, living out their lives as contemporary neo-pagans.

This is where we introduce you to Harmony Nice, a.k.a. Peachy Cinnamon, a witch from Norwich who claims the title of hottest tattooed witch. Move over Hermione, this inked Wiccan is sure to be the next face of witchcraft.

Photo via Instagram