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Meet the Beyond Gender Body Mod Couple Taking on the World

From One Extreme To Another

Veronica Carol Blades and Adam Curlykale are not your ordinary inked couple of friends, they are the exact opposite. Blades, also known as MissXRoniX, is a transgender body modification enthusiast originally from Poland who now works as a piercer in London, UK. As a transgender, Blades was already different when she was a teen and embraced her uniqueness by getting a few more piercings, crazy hairstyles and eventually body modifications to differ herself from the stuck-up little Polish town she’s originally from. She found her way to London to complete her journey as a “beyond gender” body mods model and therefore sets a whole new level of acceptance. She just removed two of ribs.

Her friend Adam Curlykale, a Russian body modification lover just broke the internet by announcing he went under a nullification procedure, meaning he removed his nipples and genitalia, and is now a “nullo.” Which doesn’t make him the first guy who has done this, but the first one who’s 90% covered in tattoos.


Photo via @adam.curlykale