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Meet the Nerdy and Naughty Cosplayer with Over 1 Million Followers

Is Elise Laurenne the Hottest Cosplayer in North America?

If you love all things nerdy and dirty—it's about damn time that you met Elise Laurenne. Laurenne is an alternative model, cam girl, and cosplay enthusiast who has gained over 1 million followers on Instagram. She's been cosplaying as some of her favorite characters from video games, comic books, and anime since she was just 16-years-old—but today, she's blossomed into a full-fledged geek goddess. You may recognize her from one of your favorite comic book conventions or from her page on SuicideGirls, either way there's no forgetting this stunning Canadian beauty. Take a look at just a handful of her seductive cosplay looks for the past few years and let us know in the comments section on Facebook what you think of this popular culture vixen. Let's meet Elise!

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Meet Elise Laurenne