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Meet the Stripper Making Hilarious and Accurate Comics About Sex Work

Every Stripper Can Relate to These Comics!

Over the past several years, sex workers have gained a new platform to share their ideas, experiences and life perspectives. From Amber Rose establishing the now worldwide SlutWalk to Stormy Daniels causing a major stir in Washington—never before have sex workers been given the respect and attention from the media like they have today. And while you're likely already familiar with the work of Rose and Daniels, we'd like to introduce you to another sex worker fighting to establish her voice on social media. Meet Jacq the Stripper, a Canadian exotic dancer who has gained major press for her creative and outspoken comics depicting the real-life experiences of sex workers. Her work is causing controversy, but most importantly, a conversation about the politics of sex work. Take a look at her body of work in the gallery below and don't be afraid to share your opinion on her platform in the comments section on Facebook.

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