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Mel B Cut Out Her Tattoo With a Scalpel

She Went Under the Knife to Remove a Tattoo

Celebrities, specifically entertainers, are known for breaking the cardinal rule of tattooing by getting a S.O's name or face tattooed on their body. From pop sensations like Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik to A-list actors like Angelina Jolie—countless celebs have made this fatal mistake. And while some stars choose to live with their permanent art, others choose to remove or cover up their ink. The latest celebrity to remove an ex's name from their body is Spice Girl and TV personality Mel B, who had her former husband's name inked on her side. However, unlike many people in Hollywood, Mel went an alternative route when it came to getting rid of her tattoo. Take a peek at the gallery below to learn how she got rid of her ink and let us know what you think of this method.


Photo via @officialmelb