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Meshed Up Mash Up

Today's tattoo of the day is this incredible piece by Nick Chaboya. Chaboya works in a range of styles from color illustrative to black and grey portraiture and all the way to realism. Based in a private studio in the San Francisco area, Chaboya is perpetually traveling to bring his incredible tattoo art to a city near you.

Today's piece is this amazing surrealism owl chest piece that reads like a mash-up creation or collage. We love the varying elements that went into this piece as they also reflect the varying styles that Chaboya is known for. This cool creature reads like the stereotypical owl chest piece from far away, but upon closer look, the viewer will see that the owl is only depicted in the head of the creature. The body is more of an abstract design while the wings are those of a moth. Moving upwards, these wings then turn into what appear to be the horse-headed images of knight chest pieces. To top it all off, the owl is crowned with a devilish-looking skull and rounded out with a bright blue background and minimal dot work halo to contrast the muted colors used for the majority of the piece.

We love the overall bizarreness of this piece as it all flows together beautifully, even though the piece is patch working up images that typically shouldn't mesh together. This cool, creative outlook is one of the reasons Chaboya has become such a successful artist in the industry.

For more incredible work by Nick Chaboya, check out his artist's page right here.

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