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A Mesmerizing Slow Motion View of a Tattoo

For most people the act of getting a tattoo involves hearing the buzz of the machine, feeling the pain of the needles, and watching as the machine slides across their skin. Since the machine hides the needles to some degree it's almost easy to forget that tattooing involves penetrating the skin tens of thousands of times in rapid succession. French tattoo artist Guet had himself filmed while working in order to get a slow motion view of what it is like to get a tattoo. The footage in the video is astounding and hypnotic; the way the skin ripples after the needle strikes it is a side effect that most people have never even thought about. It is especially interesting to see how Guet creates the small dots that are his signature style.

Warning: The following video may be a bit graphic for some readers.

Slowmotion Tattoo from GueT Deep on Vimeo.