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Michael Douglas' Son Shows Off Tattoos of His Dad and Grandpa

Cameron Douglas—son of actor Michael and grandson of Kirk—just got out of jail and is showing off his new outlook on life but also a huge tattoo in honor of his family. The time he spent behind bars has served him well. His Instagram reflects a happy family life, even his tabloid shots look great, seen strolling through the streets of NYC with his new girlfriend.

He spent seven years behind bars for drug related charges, shortly after he was sent to a Brooklyn halfway house. Statistics suggest that most ex-cons don’t do too well after being institutionalized but Douglas is defying the odds. Trying to assimilate and get back on the right track in society he has been working on a career in modeling. Luckily he doesn’t look like what he’s been through! Spoken like a true recovering addict, he expresses “gratitude” for his first professional photos.

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In the photos we get to take a peek at some of the extensive work he has done. His entire chest and top right arm is covered. On the left side of his chest, a rightful tribute to L.A. with the city in the background. Connected to the cityscape, a large butterfly is at the center of his chest. The main attraction of course is the eerily accurate portraits of his father in his full Gordon Gekko glory and his grandfather. Then all the way at the top, the phrase “take the long way home”, which so represents the essence of his journey. All really interesting tattoos, and we can’t wait to see what else he adds on!

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