Mickey Rourke's New Tattoo Pays Tribute to his Chihuahua


Actor and occasional boxer Mickey Rourke added some ink to his collection this week when he decided to pay homage to his beloved Chihuahua Jaws with a tattoo.

Rourke’s canine pal recently passed away so the actor decided to have the dog’s nickname, Guapo Siempre (Spanish for “handsome forever”), tattooed onto his left forearm.

Tattooist Jim White (of NYC's Rivington Tattoo) made a special consideration in order to give the tattoo to Rourke.

“I don’t always make house calls to tattoo,” White said on Instagram. “But when Mickey Rourke asks, why the heck not?!”

Much like his owner, Jaws had an impressive acting resume. The pup appeared alongside Rourke in a number of films including Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Remember how attached Rourke’s character was to his Chihuahua?That wasn’t acting, Rourke really loved his pup that much.

After enduring some troubled years Rourke often credits his love of dogs for his career’s resurgence. While accepting a Golden Globe for The Wrestler in 2009 the actor thanked his four-legged friends.

“I’d like to thank all my dogs,” Rourke said. “The ones that are here and the ones that aren’t here anymore. Sometimes when a man’s alone, that’s all you got is your dog. They’ve meant the world to me.”