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Mike Giant's Rocky Mountain High Art

The multi-talented Mike Giant is the Swiss Army Knife of artists. Whatever the job demands, Giant has the skills to mold it into fine art. Photography, graffiti, skateboard design, tattoos—all of these are old hat to Giant. For his third solo show, which opens at San Francisco's FFDG this Friday, Giant is exhibiting a combination of pen on paper drawings and photography. The show is entitled "Colorado" and it is an exploration of the artist's home.

On the margins of the drawings are a series of comments that give a glimpse into the artist's mindset as he created the pieces. Some of the notes are mundane references to what he was listening to while drawing, others are heartfelt outpourings of affection for a woman named Meegan. And more often than not the drawings harken back to elements of life in Boulder, Colorado. The subject matter isn't the only personal touch Giant gave the pieces, he also includes a finger print in the bottom right hand corner of each one.

It's impossible to look at the drawings without thinking that most of them would make pretty sick tattoos and we wonder if Giant has had the opportunity to tattoo any of these designs on a lucky person. We hope to see some of his work from this show permanently inked onto someone's skin in the near future.

The exhibition opens on Friday, February 13th with an opening reception from 6-9 p.m at FFDG. The show will run through March 14th. Pictures of Giant's work from Juxtapoz.