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Mind Blowing Art from Eloy Morales

It takes a heck of a lot to surprise us here at the Inked office—we see some of the craziest collections of art and wildest tattoos on a daily basis—and despite that the work of Eloy Morales made us drop out jaws. This multi-award winning artist is seriously going to make your blow your mind! From hyperrealistic self portraits to naturalistic landscapes, his oil paintings and drawings express the emotion he feels at that time. His latest collection, "A Partir de la Cabeza/About Head", was on display right here in NYC, at the Jonathan Levine Gallery and displayed portraits of friends, family and Morales himself. Though the collection has left New York, we can still see all of his amazing work at his website, Instagram, or his Facebook. Check out the full gallery of Eloy Morales' oil painting collection, below.