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Mind Blowing Eyeshadow Art

Ladies, the next time a guy drops the line, "You have the most beautiful eyes," check if your eyeshadow game is up to par with the following lineup of exquisite eye makeup. If it is, we are totally jealous of you, if it isn't, you still have the most beautiful eyes. Makeup artists are hitting new highs you have to see to believe; who knew the simple powdery substance we call eyeshadow could paint kittens, cupcakes, and cheeseburgers so perfectly on our faces? Surely some of the eye-art is enhanced with mascaras, glitters, and paints. The first eight photos feature the incredible work by makeup artist Tal Peleg, arguably the reigning prom queen of eyeshadow art. Following her parade are works equally as cool. See for yourself. Good luck to those of you who attempt this at home.