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The Minions Are Coming!

Boop-bop-beep-doo-bap! The Minions are expected to take over theaters across planet Earth this Friday, and we can hardly contain our excitement. The Despicable Me prequel takes us on a ride with the Minions through the era of B.G. (Before Gru) as they work to steal Queen Elizabeth's crown for Scarlet Overkill. Overkill, played by Sandra Bullock, is the lady villain introduced in the flick and perhaps the mastermind responsible for all Minion mischief. Now we can finally understand how the squishy little banana lookalikes came to be bad–so bad they're good. Diehard (guilty) or not, Minion fans know the cartoon creatures wear many hats; from fixing a broken water pipe to reading bedtime stories and plotting to steal the moon, the buggers can do it all, just click through the gallery below if you don't believe us. We're off to prepare for Villain-Con (the animated evil convention of your dreams).