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Mixing Metals: The Technology and Foundry Infusion of Mesplé

The career of a blacksmith goes back centuries and it can take true innovation to bring something new to a craft that helped to advance western society throughout the Iron Age, the medieval period, the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Yet contemporary sculptural artist and technology wizard, Mesplé may just be the new voice of blacksmith work that will teleport us into the future of modern metal work.

Mesplé brings conventional metal sculptures to life incorporating ferrofluid and electromagnetic sensors to create art in motion. The key component to Mesplé's designs, ferrofluid, is a liquid that becomes hyper magnetized when it comes in contact with magnetic metal materials. Ferrofluid was invented in 1963 by NASA and used in rocket fuel because ferrofluid is capable of performing in a weightless environment when a magnetic field is applied. While ferrofluid is commonly used today for electronic devices, spacecraft, and magnetic drug targeting, Mesplé uses it to create futuristic sculptures and art installations. Mesplé has gained popularity within the art community as well as on social media for his integration of ferrofluid and electromagnetic technology within sculptures that emphasize the human form, fusing together classic sculptural subjects with contemporary visual techniques to create artwork that has never been attempted before. Mesplé's first piece, "Absolution" debuted the artists' experimentation in metal work and technology and a second ferrofluid sculpture which combines the human form and magnetism is already in the testing stage. In addition to working with ferrofluid and sculpture, Mesplé has also worked with more traditional metal work and foundry, capturing the emotion of the human experience through bronze and steel. Keep your eye out for his next big piece and be ready for Mesplé to make it even bigger in the international art community. Be sure to follow Mesplé on Instagram and check out his website for more information on the art of foundry.