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Model and 'Orange is the New Black' Actress Ruby Rose Talks Tattoos


Much to the dismay of the many dissenters she has crossed in her career, tattooed Australian model/DJ Ruby Rose’s face and inked up arms will be appearing in the Netflix original series “Orange is the new Black” when the new season premieres next month.

“People said I’d never get work because I have too many tattoos,” the 29-year-old says in an interview with Elle Magazine. “But I just finished arguably one of the biggest TV shows in the world right now.”

While Rose is proud of her body art, she did recently reveal to her Instagram followers that she will be removing some of her tattoos.

“Ok so…I never thought I’d see the day…But I decided to remove a couple of tattoos (ones that were not done well),” Rose says in the caption of an Instagram showing a tattoo removal after the first of 10 sessions, “and well…yes it’s actually the most painful thing in the world…”

Scroll through the gallery below to see some shots of the Australian model including a shot of the tattoo she's removing.