Model Transforms Herself from Pretty to Pretty Extreme!


Martina Big Lives Up to Her name!

Martina Big is a 28-year-old bleached-blonde, super-tanned, tiny-framed model with a pair of whopping 32S surgically enhanced breasts!

But wait, that’s not all of Martina’s body enhancements. Although she is very private about the reasons behind her undergoing these surgeries, she will admit to them – in addition to the breasts enhancements she has undergone surgery to have her legs, hips and waist narrowed, a rhinoplasty (to narrow her nose), lip enhancements including multiple collagen injections, and porcelain veneers ‘to create a brilliant smile.’

And let’s not overlook her controversial method of tanning that includes tanning injections in addition to multiple sunbed sessions.


 Photo via facebook

Video: Martina in Hollywood!

Photo via facebook

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