Modern Family's Ariel Winter Adds Another Tattoo to Her Collection


You Won't Believe The Tattoo That This Former Child Star Just Got!

Modern Family's Ariel Winter has certainly evolved from her character on the popular ABC show and this actress has shown that she is all grown up. That's right when she's not playing nerdy tomboy Alex on television, Winter is owning her womanly curves and living it up on social media like any other young Hollywood star. And following in the footsteps of child stars like Miley Cyrus, she's gone to celebrity tattooer Dr. Woo for some seriously badass ink. At a mere 19-years-old, Winter has already gained a collection of small black and gray pieces from the L.A. artist and yesterday, she got her biggest and boldest tattoo yet. Stay tuned to see what the TV starlet got tattooed on her skin and keep on reading to see more of the blossoming beauty.

Photo via Instagram