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31 Days of Money Art by Macario Angulo

Artists love a good countdown to showcase their talents. This month, it's all about the 31 days leading up to Halloween (arguably the best holiday of the year). We've been counting down the month of October with pumpkin lattes, apple pies, and Sarah Mudle's insane (and scary) makeup transformations (be sure to follow us on Instagram for her Halloween look-of-the-day).

Now, artist Macario Angulo is feeding into the spooky spirit with 31 days of money art, or as he calls it "MacDollars." Getting creative with currency is no new art form, but we like his take on it. Angulo is not only giving us something to look forward to each day—he seems to be taking inspiration from infamous characters—but pushing himself to create new work on a daily basis. It's all about exercising the brain. (Also, $31 bucks for a month-long project? Not a budget most artists can beat.) Who knows, maybe one of his MacDollars will inspire a bigger project for him down the line.

Check out the first of Angulo's money art below. We'll be updating each day as he releases more badass dollars.