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Moon Tattoos

Last night, Sunday, September 27th between 10pm and 12am EST, we witnessed what has been called the "super blood moon" eclipse. This occurred because the moon was at what is called perigee—the point at which the moon is closest to the Earth and therefore appears larger and this lunar eclipse was the last in a series of four lunar eclipses which have occurred over the last two years, making this super moon eclipse an extremely rare sight to see. The reason that it is called a blood moon is because of the rusty-red color that the moon appeared to turn during the eclipse, which occurred once the moon was entirely in the Earth's shadow. The last super moon eclipse occurred in 1982 and the next one is predicted to happen in 2033. So, here's a list for all of you lunar-tics and space freaks, 13 Moon Tattoos that you shouldn't wait until the next eclipse to get inked on your skin.