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Morbid Monarch

Today's skull of the day is this regal piece by Brent Olson. Based at Art Junkies Tattoo Studio in Hesperia, California, Olson is a color artist who works in both illustrative, New School styles and realism. Art Junkies Tattoo Studio is home to some of the best in the industry as Olson works alongside talented tattooers such as Big Gus, Ryan Mullins and Mike Demasi.

Today's pick is a great example of the high quality and color saturation that goes into every one of Olson's tattoos. The shading and light contrast effects that went into this crown really make the inked jewels look like they are glimmering in the light, drawing the eye up to the intricate detail that went into this fine, kingly piece. The solid black in the background then allows for the sunflower's petals to pop at the bottom of the piece and connect the tattoo's visual flow upwards to the skull itself.

The actual design of this piece, overall, is what really makes it so intriguing. Sure, it's a quality tattoo, but the choice to take a skull and add a royal crown to its noggin and then drop its jaw add so much more to the idea of a typical skull tattoo. The design instantly sets the piece apart from the pack and makes it both visually alluring and intriguingly bizarre. It's not often that you see a skull depicted with its lower half agape, so we commend Olson for stepping so greatly out of the box.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Anatomy Gummy Bear