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Morgan Joyce Opens Up About Her Controversial Cover Up

Morgan Joyce is a tattoo collector, model, and YouTuber from Freehold, New Jersey. Her baby doll looks and impressive collection of cohesive ink have made her a popular face on social media, however, this tattooed lady spent years of her life being recognized for a modification that she wasn't exactly proud of. Joyce got a scarification chest piece in 2014, wanting a piece that would be more subtle than a standard tattoo chest piece. Yet despite her hopes, Joyce's scarification did not heal how she wanted and she spent years struggling with the criticism she received for her mods. Although Joyce is heavily tattooed, rocks numerous visible piercings, and works in a creative profession—she grew tired of being gawked at in public for her scarification. She spent months hiding her chest from the public eye and even got cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation of the scars. Even though Joyce still considers herself a fan of scarification in general, she knew that she couldn't live her life without getting the scars off her chest and decided that she needed to bite the bullet in order to put this piece behind her. Joyce spent 10 sessions stretched over the course of several months having her scars tattooed over by Gianna Maria Galli at Three Kings Tattoo and now she's more confident in her modifications than she's been in years. To learn more about Joyce's inspiring journey, keep on reading.

Photo via Instagram

What was the Most Difficult Aspect of Being in the Public Eye with This Scarification Piece?

MJ: The way people treated me. I was gasped at, gawked at, asked if I was a burn victim, touched without my permission, etc. It wasn't even people online or my followers who made it difficult, it was complete strangers.

What Advice Would You Give to People Tattooing Over Large Areas of Scar Tissue?

I have a video (coming soon, or out already depending on when this is published) ALL about tattooing over scars. My channel is
But for a quick rundown: Use numbing products to take the edge off if, your artist allows. Prepare yourself for the physical and emotional pain. Prepare yourself to accept whatever the results are, because some scars don't hold onto ink. And find an artist who is sensitive to your needs, as well as experienced in tattooing over scars.

Thank you for listening to my story. My website is and my username is @morganjoycexo on all social media.