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Most "Tattoo-Friendly" Companies To Work For

Ink Isn't a Problem At these Workplaces

Back in the day if you were covered in tattoos, you were considered a menace to society or a part of some Helter Skelter motorcycle gang. Those days are long over, and now tattoos have been accepted as a normal part of our culture.

The main argument your parents might have used on you is that it would be difficult to find a job if you were covered in ink. These days, there are plenty of companies that are tattoo-friendly. Some of the industries that say "yes" to tats may even come as a surprise.

But first, let's tackle the most common myths about tattoos in the workplace, and hear what hiring managers have to say about tattooed candidates.

What Hiring Managers Say

Think your tattoo is a hindrance in getting hired? Not true. A popular statistic shows that hiring managers have said that visible tattoos rank as the third physical attribute that would limit a career.

That said, let's look at the full picture here. Out of the HR professionals that were interviewed, only 37% admitted it was that high up on the list, if at all. That's not the 100% your parents promised you.