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Muslim Body Builder Faces International Criticism For His Ink


Yakiboy Claps Back at Internet Haters

It's no secret that many conservative religions have spoken out against tattoos in their various holy books. Two of the most prominent examples of this are Judaism and Islam. Both have claimed that tattoos are against the vision of God (or Allah) and many devotees have steered clear of the tattoo lifestyle. However, for self-proclaimed 'Muslim Shia Soldier' Yakiboy, he believes that you can follow Islam and be heavily tattooed. And when it comes to living a tattooed lifestyle, Yakiboy is certainly all in. The Australian body builder spent four years covering his body from head to toe in ink, gaining a significant social media following in the process. Take a look at the video in the gallery below to learn more about his clap back against the haters and to check out some shots of his epic ink.

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