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You Must See Ariana Grande's New Ink

Pop star and actress Ariana Grande is apparently trying to add a new title to her list of accomplishments—Queen of the Tiny Tattoo. The 21-year-old Grammy Nominated singer recently posted a tiny crescent moon tattoo just behind her left ear on her Instagram. She accompanied the post with the simplest of comments by leaving the emoji of the same shape.

By our completely unofficial count this is the fourth tattoo for Grande, we only know about the ones that she has shared with the public and it's entirely possible she's hiding some more ink, and all of them are on the small side. Her most famous tattoo is the script on the back of her neck that reads "Mille tendresse." The saying pays homage to her Italian heritage as it means "a thousand tendernesses" in the language of the old country.

Grande did not reveal which artist was responsible for her latest lunar inspired ink but in the past she has turned to Romeo Lacoste for at least one of here pieces. Lacoste has built a reputation for tattooing celebrities including Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and members of Pierce the Veil and Of Mice and Men.

We love the cute little tattoos that Grande has so far and we'll keep our fingers crossed with hopes that the beautiful starlet adds some more extensive ink the not too distant future.

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