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Nail Harley Quinn's Tattoos with this Suicide Squad Tutorial by Alexa Poletti


With the recent explosion of films from both DC and Marvel, we've seen classic comic book heroes revived into cinematic titans time and time again. And after spending some time evaluating both movie studios, it is safe to say that they tend to stick to the traditional character descriptions for both heroes and villains. But that is certainly not the case with the upcoming DC movie, Suicide Squad, which gives the world an entirely new version of Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. We're used to seeing Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, or Harley Quinn as she is best known, decked out in her classic black and red jester suit, making her the perfect romantic partner for the Joker. And while it is true that every new comic book edition, animated series, and video game has had their own version of Harley, it's clear that in her first cinematic debut, Harley Quinn is going for a much different look. Dressed in a destroyed baseball tee, blue and red spandex shorts, and a Puddin choker, Harley is much more rough and tough in this installment. In addition, this is the first time that we are seeing Harley with some DIY tattoos. In the film, Harley has two face tattoos (a heart on her cheek and the word rotten on her jaw), a black and red diamond band around her arm, and a handful of black words and diamonds scrawled onto her legs. Harley isn't the only tattooed member of the 2016 film's cast, both the Joker and El Diablo rocking massive amounts of ink. For those who are curious of how exactly the recreate Harley's look in Suicide Girls, Alexa Poletti gives her take on mastering the perfect Harley Quinn cosplay.


An established face in the world of cosplay Alexa Poletti, of Alexa Poletti Official, is a tattooed pixie who has nailed every look from Hermione Granger to Misty from Pokemon. Check out her helpful tips and tricks on landing Harley's makeup and tattoos and if you're hooked on banging out a DIY costume for New York Comic Con or Halloween, check out her other videos on creating costumes, coordinating wigs, and creating anime inspired makeup looks.

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