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NBA Superstar Kevin Durant Gets a Tupac Portrait Tattoo

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has finally gotten some ink that we can see when he's out on the court in the form of a portrait of the late great Tupac Shakur.

We say finally because Durant has long been a "secretly" tattooed player. While most basketball stars tend to get their tattoos in places where we all can see while they are out there playing, Durant had kept all of his ink underneath the jersey. It came as quite a shock to see that the former Oklahoma City Thunder forward has an almost completely filled in torso when he took his jersey off.

The tattoo was revealed by newspaper columnist Marcus Thompson II on both his Twitter and Instagram pages.

Unfortunately, Thompson did not share the name of the tattoo artist responsible for the massive portrait. The tattoo is based off of a photo by Gary Reyes from the Oakland Tribune.

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Durant has been the talk of the NBA's offseason after shocking the world by leaving the Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors. He will be joining a team that was already a juggernaut despite losing in the Finals, and this decision has left a lot of fans irate over his decision. Perhaps he is trying to ingratiate himself with the Bay Area fans by embracing the local hip hop legend.

If you look closely at the tattoo you will see that right below Tupac is the instantly recognizable Wu Tang Clan logo. This makes us wonder if we will be seeing an entire hip hop based leg sleeve in the coming months. We'll keep an eye out to see what he gets tattooed next. Biggie, perhaps?

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