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You Need to See Conan's New Tattoo

Conan O'Brien is known for a lot of things—his goofy dance moves, his shock of red hair, his continual tormenting of poor Andy Richter—but he's never been known as a tattoo aficionado. Until now that is. After losing a game of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 to the one and only Lil Wayne, Conan had to get a portrait of Weezy tattooed on to his ribs. And the tattoo is phenomenal!


OK, we were just playing along with the joke for a bit, the tattoo is clearly fake. Despite the inauthenticity of the tattoo, Lil Wayne's reaction to the reveal is priceless, you'll have to make it to the end of the video in order to see it for yourself.

In this edition of Conan's recurring segment called "Clueless Gamer" the late night host not only battles Lil Wayne but he is also joined by skating icon Tony Hawk. The three of them joke around and play the game, some of them better than the others. The talk quickly turns to tattoos as Conan asks the hip hop star about his prodigious tattoo collection.

"My God, your tattoos are fantastic," Conan says to Lil Wayne while inspecting one of his skating injuries. "How many do you have and are you running out of room? Have you ever thought of hiring an assistant and starting to put tattoos just on the assistant to give you extra room?"

If Lil Wayne ever runs with this idea and hires an assistant to get his extra ink we know of at least a couple of people that would line up for that job.

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