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New 'Mad Max' Makeup Time Lapse Video


Artist Jody Steel has been making a name for herself since 2013 when portraits she drew on her thigh while bored in classes at Emerson College spread across the internet. Since then, Jody has been updating her YouTube channel with time lapse videos of amazing drawings that she has done on herself and other people. Her latest is the Mad Max time lapse that you can watch below.

Other time lapse videos on her YouTube channel include a Fast & Furious time lapse and a video of an Iron Man design she drew on someone else. The Facebook video of her Iron Man drawing has over 14 million views.

Steel’s stunning freehand has not only led to web notoriety, but it has also resulted in some job opportunities. When one of her professors saw what Steel was doing during her lecture, she asked her to stay after class. The professor didn’t reprimand the artist, but instead asked her to illustrate a book that she was working on.

“People from all over the world are asking me to either do company designs or logos,” Steel said in an interview with Daily Mail.

In the new Mad Max time lapse video, we see Steel go to work on her face and hands using Sharpies and makeup. Her ambidextrousness is equally as impressive as the art itself. “I don’t think I’m quite as good left handed!” Steel wrote on Facebook. “It’s a matter of hand eye [sic] coordination. Just being steady with your hand and having a vision, and thus translating it from the brain to the hand to the paper (or whatever surface, skin included).”

“If I can think it, I can see it, and then I can draw it,” Steel continued.

If you’re curious about the process of removing all of that Sharpie, there's a bit of that at the end of the video. Steel also explained on Facebook that she “used Almond Oil to take it off (But Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, etc. would all work too. And then I showered.)”

Watch the Mad Max time lapse below, and check out a gallery of her drawing below that.