New Rush - Gin Wigmore


Only minutes before speaking with us Gin Wigmore is dodging traffic attempting to save a lost chihuahua. "Thankfully I got him, and now he's having a lovely spa day!" she says.

It shouldn't come as a surprise. Donning multiple pieces of ink, one of her latest is a unique outline of multiple animals morphing together, including a bear and a moth. "Does a moth count?” Wigmore asks. “I guess a moth isn't really an animal.”

Her tattoos are often spontaneous, a representation of her emotions and attitude at that exact moment in time. “If I’ve had a really bad day or something I’ll want to go [to the tattoo shop], like I want to feel the pain. Maybe that's really fucked up or something…" Wigmore says.

Since the last time she spoke to InkedWigmore's life has undergone some changes, including relocating from New Zealand to Los Angeles and marrying Jason Butler, the lead singer of the band Letlive. This translates in her music, specifically her upcoming album, "Blood to Bone," a pop-rock record that was the phenomenal result of 13 days recording in-studio. "[The album] definitely reflects the changes in my life the past three years," Wigmore says.

"Blood to Bone" drops this summer, preorder here.


Standout tracks like "Written in the Water" showcase jazzy vibes and Wigmore's smoky vocals echoing Amy Winehouse, while "New Rush" is a catchy and unrelenting pop-rock track bound to get stuck in your head. The "New Rush" music video only further mirrors her impeccable tendency to hone in on raw emotions. "In the video I'm running through the woods, at one point I have an arrow coming out of my chest; it's pretty gruesome," Wigmore says.

Much like her music videos are an extension of her art, her tattoos are an extension of her life, honest and bared for the world to see. And while Wigmore doesn’t currently have any tattoos inspired by her music there's still time, with so much music left write and skin left to ink.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Lip Skull" Burnout Tee by Lethal Angel