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New Song, Record and Tour Dates from Bayside's Anthony Raneri

Anthony Raneri—the guitarist and lead singer of punk band Bayside—must never stop working. Between in the seven years between 2004 and 2011, the band released eight albums. In 2012, Raneri released his first solo record, New Cathedrals. Bayside tours nearly non-stop, headlining theaters all over the country every year, and just this year, the band hit the road on a tour that celebrated their 15th anniversary. Somehow, Raneri found the time to write a second solo record and he just announced that the six song EP called Sorry State of Mind will be released on June 30 on Hopeless Records. Along with the record announcement, a new single premiered and 30 tour dates have been set for Raneri’s first full U.S. solo headline tour. Listen to the single and see the dates below.

The new single “Gone” could be a shock to anyone approaching it expecting the Bayside frontman to let his full-time band influence this project. Even if you’re familiar with his previous solo release, this song will seem like a leap forward but still a natural progression. It’s more of a pop song than anything from New Cathedrals and a complete departure from Bayside, with an electric drum loop, synthy sounds and auto-tuned vocals. It sounds like it could be a song by the band Fun., or if you imagined female vocals over it, they’d be Taylor Swift’s. “We originally thought we might pitch it for someone else to use,” Raneri says in an interview with Billboard, “but when it came time for me to work on this record, I thought maybe I would use it.” The song came together with the electric programming efforts of Punchline’s Steve Sobaslai.

“I have always felt that a good song is a good song whether it’s dressed up like a country song, punk rock song or show tune,” Raneri says in the same interview. “A lot of Bayside songs started out sounding more like show tunes and folk songs, and we put a different spin on them. With the solo music, I let the songs stay where they originate.”

Sorry State of Mind will be released on June 30 and can be pre-ordered here. Scroll through the gallery below to check out album art, some pics of Anthony in action and some other shots of the tattoo-sleeved songwriter.