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New 'Tattoo' Technology Could Replace Your Doctor and Your Wallet

The latest in "tattoo" technology has the ability to monitor your health entirely. Its purpose is similar to that of the famed FitBit, if the FitBit was not a bracelet.

Tech Tats, known as biowearables (wearable technology), are applied like temporary tattoos using electric paint and LED microcontrollers known as ATiny85. Tech Tats then use the skin as the interface to essentially run diagnostics and check out what is going on inside of you. This data is then collected, stored, and sent off to your doctor.

The creators at Chaotic Moon Studios explain the Tech Tats could even be capable of replacing your annual visit to the doctor. Creative Technologist Eric Schneider said in the video below, "Rather than going to the doctor once a year to get your physical, this tattoo could be something that you just put on your body once a year." He said, "[Tech Tats] monitors everything that they would do in a physical and sends that to your doctor."

According to Schneider, the application can detect a person's blood pressure, early signs of fever, vital signs, and heart rate. The results are also synced with your smart phone; after you've been checked, your health status will appear on an app instantaneously.

If and when Tech Tats hit the public market, assuming that they are a success, health professionals will be faced with major changes to how they conduct business with patients.

Tech Tats also plan to disrupt the banking industry. "We carry wallets around and they're so vulnerable," Schneider said. "With Tech Tats you can carry all your information on your skin." The biowearable wallet is being designed to allow users to access their ID and credit card information.

Chaotic Moon plans to offer affordable Tech Tats to the public in the near future. Much to our liking, they are not totally unattractive. Until then, continue to see your doctor as scheduled and carry a wallet.

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