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New Zealand Tattoo Artist Creates Gorgeous Geometric Animal Portraits

jasper andres1

You may have never heard of Jasper Andres, an Auckland, New Zealand-based tattoo artist with a penchant for animal portraits, but his delicate, nature-themed designs are definitely worth a look. In fact, Jasper Andres may well be New Zealand’s answer to New York City’s Bang Bang and Los Angeles’ Doctor Woo, two famed tattoo artists known for their incredible talent, intricate designs and celebrity clientele. Where Bang Bang is an expert in detailed portraits and Doctor Woo has mastered the craft of delicate line and dot tattoos, Andres has made a name for himself with his stunning, geometric, nature-themed designs.

In his work, Andres combines soft, flowing images and watercolor effects with clean lines and sharp angles, for an unexpected take on a simple tattoo design. Basically, he takes a classic tattoo idea and turns it on its head, beginning with a fluid, elegant animal portrait and ending with an angular, geometric design, or starting out with a precise, symmetrical shape, and finishing with a flourish of unrestrained watercolor, blending perfectly the gracefulness of nature and the structure of geometry. From polar bears and pandas to dinosaurs, dragonflies and sea otters, Andres does it all, and what’s more, he does it well.

jasper andres6

Take a look at Andres’ Instagram account, and you’ll see no shortage of beautiful designs, large and small. It’s clear from his plethora of client photos that he can hold his own when it comes to traditional tattoo designs, but his geometric animal portraits are what really caught our eye. As so aptly puts it, Andres’ “hybrid images exemplify the beauty found in both [nature and geometry] by highlighting their differences—the graceful movements and curves of animals and flowers are offset by the rigid structure of crystals and low-poly forms.”

Let’s face it, there are plenty of talented tattoo artists out there who can successfully inject elements of nature into their artwork, creating a unique, eye-catching tattoo, but it’s Andres’ hybrid animal portrait tattoos that put him ahead of the pack and make him a serious contender in the highly-competitive world of permanent ink. So, if you find yourself in need of a new tattoo, and you happen to be in the Auckland, New Zealand area, head on over to Seventh Day Studio for a unique, nature-themed piece by the über-talented Jasper Andres.