Newest Trend in Body Modification; Holes in Your Head


The Drill Goes Deeper

Where body modification, such as elf ears or horn-like implants under the skin are pretty common and somewhat accepted in society, other things might still be questionable and therefore only available for some hardcore body mod fanatics. Such as drilling holes in your head - yes you read correctly. Which is apparently the newest trend on the underground scene. And when you hear the term “drilling holes in your head” you might think of lobotomy which was done not too long ago to save the (in)sane from insanity. I can guarantee you, however, that this procedure, is nothing like that and it’s promised to enhance the conscious mind. According to the Daily Star Online, this procedure is called “trepanning,” which is derived from the Greek and means “to bore.”


Photo via Ryoichi Keroppy Maeda | Daily Star Online