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Nick 'Swaggy P' Young Inks His Buckets Arm

It's impossible not to like a man who calls himself Swaggy P. Even as a Celtics fan—which makes me an avid Laker hater—Nick Young never fails to put a smile on my face. Naturally, one of my favorite things about Young is his ink. Like an ever growing number of NBA players, Young has a prodigious amount of ink. Despite nearly full coverage on his chest and left arm, his right one was bare. No tattoos at all. It turns out there was a reason for this:

Well, Laker fans, prepare to see a lot less buckets from Swaggy P this year as his arm now has other priorities. Specifically, a tattoo of Tupac on his forearm. The ink was spotted at a Drew League game last week. The results of that game suggest that we may have been too quick to suggest that with his arm no longer being reserved solely for buckets that Young would be any less of a player; he hit a shot to win the game at the buzzer, Tupac tattoo and all.

Young has had an eventful offseason. In June he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Iggy Azalea. Young even used his own birthday party as the venue for proposing, that's the kind of selflessness that the guard should show a little more of on the court. Sorry, just had to get a dig at the one assist a game Young averages. You would think with Kobe out there he could accidentally get three or four.

In the gallery below you can check out Swaggy P's new ink as well as some pictures of him and his gorgeous fiancee Azalea.