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Nikko Hurtado Tattoos Mike Tyson's Portrait On The Game

This past weekend marked the eighth annual Musink tattoo convention and music festival. While many people came out to see some of the best artists in the business ink away at the show, others were there for the punk rock performances taking place each day, including the highly anticipated Blink-182 featuring Matt Skiba set. One special guest of Travis Barker's California festival, however, was looking to get some iconic ink to cover up a not-so-glamorous tattoo.

This weekend, The Game sought out esteemed portrait tattooist, Nikko Hurtado, for a very special piece. Through Hurtado's Instagram he revealed the image of Mike Tyson's face tattooed on the Los Angeles-based rapper's hand. It's rare to ever see Hurtado work in black and grey, let alone do a cover up, yet he was able to masterfully pull off this piece for The Game. While the likeness of Tyson's face is uncanny, it is notable that his infamous face tattoo did not make it into Hurtado's rendition of the boxer.

While The Game has been tattooed many times beforehand (no pun intended), this latest piece is definitely one of our favorites so far. It's always great to see the music and tattoo communities come together at festivals like Musink, and when the two worlds collide to bring about amazing work like this piece by Hurtado, it's even better.

For more amazing portraiture work by Nikko Hurtado, check out this list of some of our favorite pieces from his portfolio right here.

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