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Nikko Hurtado's Cult Classic

Not all films are going to be widely accepted blockbusters, instead some will maintain a classic cult film status for years, if not decades, after their initial theater release. One of the most beloved cult films is The Crow, inspired by the comic book series of the same name.

The Crow, which marked the final film of Brandon Lee due to his tragic death, is one of the most visually memorable films of the '90s. So much so that it should come as no surprise that a tattoo inspired by the film would also be as visually intriguing.

Check out this incredible color portrait by the iconic tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. Taken directly from Lee's final performance, this amazing tattoo depicts Lee as the film's lead character The Crow, in full make up with that signature semi-sinister smirk on the character's face.

As always, Hurtado delivers an incredibly life-like image with impeccable color saturation, gorgeous shading, and an instantly recognizable countenance. One of our favorite parts of this tattoo is the sparkle added to The Crow's eye. Without being overly campy, this simple highlight adds loads of emotional depth to what could have turned into a very blank expression. We guarantee the wearer of this tattoo is beyond impressed with this piece, just as we are, too!

For more amazing tattoos by Nikko Hurtado, check out some of our favorite portraits from his portfolio right here.

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