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Noel’le Longhaul – a non-binary trans person – talented tattoo artist…and practicing witch!

The True Spiritual Side of Tattooing.

The tattoo world — like any other sub-culture — is full of unique people. A wonderful collective of colorful personalities, drenched with talent and passion. Peppered with people draped beneath intriguing idiosyncrasies and a philosophy of life that pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking. It is a wonderful environment of evolutionary artistry…and the perfect place for Noel’le Longhaul.

Noel’le instagram is a twenty-five-year-old musician, photographer, visual artist, tattoo artist and...a practicing witch, who also identifies as a non-binary trans person that goes by both the she/hers and they/them pronouns. And that was all in one sentence!

Noel’le is a very complex person and we think it would be best if she were described in her own words and through examples of her great tattoo work.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 3.50.00 PM

 Photo via instagram