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Obsessed Fan Gets 22nd Miley Cyrus-Inspired Tat


At some point, we all find ourselves obsessed with something-sex, money, love, food, drugs, … Miley Cyrus tattoos?

Well, for 40-year-old Carl McCoid, the answer is HELL YES. McCoid, of Bridlington, East Yorkshire (UK), has dedicated his skin to his pop idol, Miley Cyrus. The self-professed “strategic hot mess,” (McCoid, not Miley) recently posted his 22nd Miley Cyrus-inspired tattoo, in honor of the Wrecking Ball singer’s recent album “Bangerz.”

Fresh off of his divorce, McCoid’s obsession started back in 2009, with his first tattoo being the letters of Miley’s first and last name spelled out across his knuckles. McCoid’s ink, which covers his arms, torso, back, hands and leg, range from lyrics and song titles, to ever-changing portraits, to Miley’s signature inscribed on the bottom of each hand. According to the Daily Mail, Miley (who has 22 tattoos of her own and counting) is aware of Carl and his obsession, but rather than feeling flattered by her #1 fan, Miley feels ”creeped.”

For most of us, tattoos are a means of self-expression. Many times, they symbolize and honor the people, moments, emotions, and objects, which we value. But at what point does honoring someone in ink become an obsession?