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Would You Play Tattoo Roulette?

If you Dare, Here's How You Can Grab Some Traditional Flash From the Ink Master Judge

Feeling impulsive? Introducing the "tattoo gum ball machine." Remember those glorious days as a youth when you'd put a quarter into a gum ball machine and pray that it spit you out a green one? Ink Master judge Oliver Peck took that idea and packed a gum ball machine with pieces of traditional tattoo flash. Seriously, the mechanism is sitting at his famous Elm Street Tattoo shop in the Dallas area.
Certainly we've gotten some arbitrary tattoos on a whim, but allowing a random machine to pick a design to be permanently tattooed on your body is just nuts. On the other hand, Peck and the rest of the crew from Elm Street do some of the best modern traditional tattoos so you know the lines and colors will at least be bold. Of course, you'd have to be pretty bold too!

Photo via Instagram