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One of These Sisters is a Bad-Ass MMA Fighter!

A Dangerous Beauty in the Ring!

Ana Claudia Dantas Gadelha is a Brazilian MMA fighter who learned about “fighting” for her dreams as a teenage, however it wasn’t in the ring it was within her family. When Claudia was a teen her mother did not approve of her what she deemed as rebellious characteristics – especially Claudia’s desire to pursue marital arts.

Unfortunately she also fell into a crowd that was into drugs and that was the last straw for her mother and they moved the family to new surroundings — Natal.

However it was in their new home of Natal where at the age of 14, Claudia started to work out secretly in a gym. One day Gadelha went to an MMA event in Natal where she met Jair Lourenço, leader of the gym 'Kimura Nova União', and he invited her to take a class at the academy and the experience was life changing.

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 Photo via instagram