Only 3 Inches Tall But Over 380 Pages of Erotica!


Here’s a Little Teaser!

In 1837, the French painter and inventor Louis Daguerre managed to take a photograph of the corner of his studio via a silver plate treated with a light sensitive material, and voila, a new medium known as photography was born! Artist embraced this new art form and so did the layman…especualy the voyeurs.
Some of the first daguerreotypes included nudes pictures. These early erotic images were kept within the realm of fine art by having the women mimic poses found in popular classic paintings and sculptures. Although the cameras were expensive there were enough well-off artists who purchased the new device and began experimenting with erotic photography. In fact, enough of these nude images were created that some illustration classes opted to have their students render drawing based on these photos in leiu of having to pay a live naked model.
Well, the good folks at Goliath Books have published an amazing little book — 383 pages but only 3 inches tall — filled with over 200 vintage erotic photos. Here, a little teaser, before you go out and buy the book!


Photo via Goliath Books