Orbiting, Ghosting, and Breadcrumbing—Why Social Media is Ruining Modern Dating


Are You Familiar With Orbiting?

As someone who has grown up with social media at my fingertips, I've gone through most of my dating years with it playing an important role in the process. From the early days of messaging my crushes on AIM to the present day finding potential matches on dating apps like Bumble, technology and social media culture is an integral part of forming romantic connections. And while the advent of technology in dating can yield it's advantages, it also presents a slew of problems that never existed before platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Social media allows individuals to ignore the traditional conventions of courting and promotes "sinful" dating practices—from booty calls to sexting to straight up ghosting. And one of the latest crimes against dating that has only recently been given a name is orbiting—which you may not be familiar with now, but certainly have experienced in one way or another throughout your dating history.